When buying tiles, you need to consider what is best for home. You can’t use the same ones for your bathroom and kitchen, they’re two different things. Choosing tiles can be the hardest part of your renovating journey. So you should be educated on what goes where. Do not overlook a tile’s basic functionality. Your bathroom floor tiles should not have any gloss. Instead, you should try porcelain or glazed vitrified matte finish tiles. This will make them skid free, and water and stain resistant. Germ free tiles are the best for bathroom floors because of their resistance to bacterial growth. On the other hand, you should use glossy tiles for your bathroom walls because of how easy they are to clean. For your kitchen floors, your number one choice should be anti skid durable tiles that have an easy to clean hygiene. When picking out and installing tiles, make sure they have no joints. Tiles are a great essential to revamping your home. But you have to know the differences, and what is best.

It's highly recommended to visit more than one retailer store to browse different styles and shapes and get samples to look at the tile in real life and display it in the place will be installed in.

Below are 7 easy steps to avoid mistakes when buying tiles.

  • Good planning ... don't rush it.
  • Remember your needs.
  • choose practical tile not only stylish one.
  • consider buying spares for future need
  • shop for high quality not for less cost
  • Choose the correct grout.
  • find a good installer.
Have fun hunting!