The tile outlets will happen from November 12, 2019 through January 22, 2020, and we think you are in for a treat. I'll share highlights with you in this article about some of the products being on hot sale and invite you to visit all three stores during the sale event to explore.

Here are some of the discounted products.

  • 6"x24" Ceramic wood look - only $0.99/SF
  • 6"x32" Ceramic wood look - only $0.99/SF
  • 8"x32" Ceramic wood look - only $1.29/SF
  • 16"x16" Ceramic - only $0.69/SF
  • Porcelain wood look - only $1.49/SF
  • 6"x36" Spain Porcelain - only $1.99/SF
  • 6"x32" Ceramic wood look - only $0.99/SF
  • 12"x12" Italian Porcelain - only $1.29/SF
  • 12"x24" Italian Porcelain - only $1.99/SF
  • 18"x36" Italian Porcelain - only $1.99/SF
  • 12.5"x24.5" Italian Porcelain - only $1.49/SF