Are you renovating your new home but unsure about what floors to install? With tons of options now available on the market, choosing the most suitable flooring can seem way too overwhelming. Luckily, thanks to the following essential tips from our showroom experts, you're sure to find the best soft or hard surfacing in no time! 

Take cues from your lifestyle

Assess your daily lifestyle and take cues from what you need in every space of your home. For example, how many bedrooms are there? Are there several people in your family? Which areas would benefit more from soft surfacing versus hard flooring? Do you have family members with reduced mobility, young children, or pets? How much time do you spend in each room? How much time will you set aside for cleaning? Answering these questions will indeed point you in the right direction of which types of flooring you should install for each room. 

Assess the functionality of spaces 

Just as you think about what furniture to add to any space, you'll need to determine what floors would be best according to room activities. For instance, adding carpeting to a kitchen or bathroom, as you can imagine, would be problematic. Not only would the fibers soak up water but oil and grease too. Therefore, the best options would be engineered wood, tile, and laminate, or something of such similarity. 

Select color to create mood 

While an endless array of colors is available for flooring, that doesn't necessarily mean any color will do. For instance, bold red carpeting would create a unique statement in a living room, but it wouldn't exactly be a soothing tone for a bedroom. Nonetheless, use the broad spectrum of tones available to you to create the mood you want for a space. In doing so, you'll not only instill the energy you want in a room, but you'll also add a hint of your personality. 

Let our flooring company help you!

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