So you are considering tile flooring for your next home project. Great choice! Tile flooring has so many options for you to think about. Whether you want to update your kitchen or bathroom, your options are unlimited. No matter what you choose, Orion Flooring Inc is here to help you with any questions you may have.


Ceramic tile is made from natural clay. It is heated in a hot kiln to reach the proper hardness and density. In your research of ceramic tiles, you’ll find that most are standard in size, with a neutral color to them. However, you can find some with more unique appearances and colors. Ceramic is known as a porous material until it is glazed over. Then it is waterproof. It is easier to cut than porcelain, which may alter the time installed in your house.


Porcelain comes from Kaolin clay. It is still considered a ceramic material, though. The temperatures that it goes through in the kiln are much hotter than for ceramic. Thus it is denser and harder than ceramic. Porcelain stands up to the heaviest foot traffic, and it is resistant to all scratches and scuffs. It is a higher-priced product than ceramic because the quality of the tile is so much higher. It has many colors and designs and can even look like wood or stone.

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