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Kitchen is one of the important parts of a household, because it is used for cooking, preparing meals, washing the dishes and family gathering. North Americans spend a large proportion of their lives indoors, so it's clear why Kitchen a key issue in designing healthy spaces.

Modern Kitchen design has improved partly as a result of ergonomic research, in addition Functionality is important for all homeowners to interact with their kitchen cabinets. now homes are designed with larger kitchen space to have more cabinets with new features including deep drawers for cookware, pullout hideaway garbage, sponge trays, pullout shelves and more.

Orion Flooring will make your Kitchen dream comes true, we meet the customer needs by using the right tools to bring your spaces to life. Our design team use the latest 3D space planning application that turns the daunting task of remodeling an interior space into an easy, even exciting one. Orion Flooring provides in-store professional design services at the point of sale using centrally managed content catalogs for live pricing.