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Slab vs Stone: The FAQ

Natural stone adds architectural and design interest to a home and will increase your property values almost immediately.

There’s a little confusion so we’ve designed this FAQ to address some of the most commonly heard questions in our showrooms.

Orion Flooring Inc has combined staff experience of over 25 years, and we’re not the typical online store. We have three brick and mortar showroom locations so you can see and feel the product, not just eyeball it on a piece of paper; then we ship it to any address (worldwide) that you give us.

We carry a fully stocked inventory of various flooring types, as well as stone slabs, kitchen cabinets, mosaic, porcelain, glass, and art tile.

We have three showroom locations: Hesperia, Rialto, Anaheim, CA. and service surrounding areas such as Glendora and Redlands. Be sure to ask about our estimates.

What’s a slab?

A slab is one big piece, a little on the thin side, used for flooring, walls counters, balconies, and even headstones.

Both slab and tile stones are natural, but a stone slab will need to be cut to fit into the installation, while tiles are already cut and sized.

Your retailer can advise you on the best choice.
Natural stone flooring in Hesperia, CA from Orion Flooring Inc

What are some of the most popular stones for flooring and countertops?

  • Granite and marble may be the most popular ones. Granite has the look of luxury; in fact, you’ll often see it in bathrooms in 5-star hotels. It’s also durable, can stand up to heat and moisture and comes in a range of colors and patterns.
  • Marble is a little softer than other stones, porous and requires regular sealing.
  • Other popular ones are travertine, limestone, and slate.

What’s the difference between Quartzite and Engineered Quartz?

Quartzite is all-natural. Engineered Quartz is what you see on most countertops; although it is 95% natural quartz, the manufacturing process makes it very hard and non-porous and, as a result, easier to clean

Is a stone slab hard to care for?

Not really, but some require more care than others and that will include whether or not it needs to be sealed. Your expert will advise you.

Should I select the slab or does the store do it?

You should do it. Because they're created by Mother Nature, no two are alike and some, like granite, have different colors, patterns, and veinings.